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How many orders a level 1 and level 2 seller gets per day? Any idea?

Hi folks,

It would be great to know bout the average orders on daily basis. A level one seller knows how many orders he/she gets per day? And so do a level two seller.

Moreover, I would appreciate if both level sellers can tell me that how many order can they get per day.

Finally, do level one and level two sellers need to send a requests to buyers? Or no, they can get enough orders on their gigs.


It really depends of the gig you are offering, the category you are in, the competition, the reviews you have (trust me buyers are reading those)

There are days where I am getting only 1 orders, and there are days when I am getting 10 orders…

There is no answer to these questions. It varies greatly for all sellers, even TRS. It would depend on category, gig quality, competition, etc.

Got it. Thank you.

Thank you. :slight_smile: