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How many orders can you work on at a time


I wonder how many orders can you guys work on at the same time. I usually feel stressed on working on 2 orders only for clients:sweat_smile: What about you? How many orders can you work on at the same time without messing things up?


It’s totally depends on your ability, I think.


Yeah I know. It’s like a discussion I want to know how many orders others work on at a time. What about you?


Usually 10 order per day Normally.


I only work on 1 order at a time, unless I am waiting on something from the client. I usually have 10-20 orders in my queue at one time. My deliveries are set for 1-3 days.

Mixing up orders?

I put each project in its own folder labeled by the user name and date. he folder has everything for that project in that folder.

customer user name and date
landongrace 170802 Web Intro Video

The project file is also called this.
The delivered file is also called this.

That way when I am uploading the file for delivery, I can audit it again to make sure I am sending the right file to the right person.


3 Orders at a time. Our team consist of 3 members. We try to give attention with sounded mind to our each and every order. We want to provide exceptional customer care. That’s the reason our clients are more than happy from our work! Most of our buyers are repeated though our prices are much higher than the market.


It depends on the order for me.
For most things, I work on one at a time but I have had times where I have been going between 5-6 different projects.


I only ever work on one order at a time - they normally require pretty specialist research and a consistent approach, and I find it hard to switch between them.


1/2 Working Project + 3/4 Old Project’s modification + 1/2 new Project’s discussion = That’s the highest production time for me.


Well, it depends on the project.

If I deliver a video and start working on a new one as I wait for feedback…does that count as ´´multitask´´?

In my dream world, I always try not to do that (at least if the project is not so complex). If I get all feedback for several projects at the same time, everything goes bananas.


That’s a good way! I should try it out to organize my work a little bit. :smile: