How many orders do you get a day?


I get normally 8-12 order everyday but I never get more than 12 :smiley: why is that?


I average between 14-20…

Oddly enough, since being promoted to Level 2, it’s been closer to 14 everyday, but people are buying lots of multiples and extras.


Lately? Not very many. I used to get about 5 to 10 a day, but things have slowed down considerably and in that down-time I have been doing some restructuring. Hoping for the best.

@pghhearts That, and I saw your gig in a newsletter Fiverr sent out so that probably helped a good bit!


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Reply to @pghhearts: 14-20 is pretty cool man


Reply to @freelancemm: Hmm… I didn’t see that one. That’s pretty sweet!


Reply to @mclabz: I’m pretty close to being able to make Fiverr a pretty modest full-time income.


@pghhearts You were one out of only four listed on it too, so apparently Fiverr really likes you!


Reply to @freelancemm: once happened to me as well one of my friend got an email with my gigs :smiley:


Reply to @pghhearts: yeh that is really cool man good luck I am already working here as a full time designer pretty worth working here than in a company because here I have my rules, my ideas etc and I can manage my time to do anything as well… Fiverr is the best I don’t know how to thank the founder of this website


If a gig is suspended with all the stars, good reviews etc. can it be retrieved at a later date?


Yes @shazzac. It can.

As for amount. There’s no limit really.

Before the big change to version 2, the most I had in a day was 41. My average weekly was around 30 a day (210 a week).

The most I’ve ever done in a week (7 days) was 292 gigs that week.

Keep in mind that my old gig was always on the top 4 when searched by rating. (Was. Gig is gone/replaced now)

Now though. I’m steady… but nowhere near those numbers. Not even close.

The point is that there really is no limit once the ball get’s rolling. Except of course, how much you can handle per day.


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I was in a general category newsletter and got about 20+ orders all with extras that day, it was quite nice. Any tips for increasing the average order queue? I have some ideas up my sleeves for a lot of new gigs I created, but anything I can add into that mix to get better results could be helpful.


Reply to @shazzac: well I am not sure about it but when you go vacation mode gigs are still going SUSPENDED I think yes it can retrieved with old order income


Reply to @bigbadbilly: 210 order wow awesome mate :slight_smile:


Ya. It was cool. But like I said. Not anymore. :frowning:


Reply to @bigbadbilly: thats bad :confused: sorry for you