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How many orders do you get in a day in Fiverr?

I am getting on an average 2 orders a day and i believe that i am long way behind from others. I request you to mention how many orders do you get in Fiverr in a day?

Reply to @musiclover: I got around 20 ish orders in 32 days. Calculated the average

Reply to @madmoo: You are lucky, even i want to quit my day job but not having enough order :frowning:

Reply to @musiclover: same here

I’d say 0.625 per day

Average I get 3 per day for a main single gig. Other 3 I have just added 2 days ago

Not getting order every day :frowning:


Depends on the day :slight_smile:

Not enough to quit my day job. Lol

Reply to @madmoo: That’s what’s up! Fiverr is the first site that I actually ever made real money on. I love it here, just need to get some more exposure.

month a go i have at least two or three orders a day but now 1 orders for three days everage…

Reply to @princemaxx: O_o

Reply to @musiclover: Kinda sad, I know.

Reply to @princemaxx: how is that?

Recently from my new gig im getting about 4-5 a day but since the holidays around 1-2

1 or 2 but that’s fine because I have a day job. In fact, I spend so much time making my web design orders perfect, I’m glad its not more popular. It would take up even more of my time.


2-3 on a good week, less sometimes - it varies

2-3 orders per day…

No certain number of orders. I am on fiverr for 3 month now.The first order I got was 1 month after I joined fiverr. Then for 1 and a half months I have never receive any orders!

Just two weeks a go I have received 15 orders :slight_smile: hope things will get even better!

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