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How many orders have been created from using the Buyer Requests function?


I’ve sent out 92 requests and have only had 3 orders created from it. I’m just wondering what everyone elses numbers are looking like. Thanks!


This is great topic. I am new seller on fiverr (19 days). I started my journey using the Buyer Requests function. I think I am doing great. I created 7 orders from 18 sent requests. This was great start for me. Last days I noticed that people start contacting me and I did some great jobs.


Reply to @knewme: Oh nice! Those are great numbers!! It didn’t even occur to me that this would be the best way for a new seller on Fiverr to get some momentum going.


wow that’s great for you, I haven’t sent much requests in the new fiverr, but I have sent a lot on the old one and I can say that I am a total loser, 0 sales :frowning:


Thank you both. When I send my request to someone, I just go and send him another message, where I describe what can I do for him and how quick. I think this is a good tip for sending requests.


I haven’t generated much orders from buyer requests. I wonder if I am doing anything wrong and I’m sort of a new seller.


Reply to @janj138: How many buyer requests have you responded to? You can send out 5 per day.


Reply to @ilgeorgiev: What’s stopping you from doing it with the new fiverr?


When I was new like knewme, I think I generated all of my sales from the buyer requests…but that was probably 10 sales out of hundreds of requests answered. When I’m feeling ambitious I go and send out my five per day. I would say out of sixty requests I’ve answered, I’ve generated two sales.


Reply to @adnagam: I’m a new seller but I only get one request sent out per day. I don’t get any requests from the orders, so I get none to respond to from buyers.


Reply to @knewme: Thumbs up!! That’s great to hear. What were the orders that you got!? I have tried but have been unsuccessful thus far. Any tips?


Well, before this version of Fiverr I had almost a 75% conversion rate. Now that I can’t really customize the request, my conversion rate for Buyer Requests is pretty low… sent 27 requests, only one order created. I was going to try to send some more out… but been so unmotivated by it lately. I suppose it kind of depends what you offer but meh. I had a much better success rate when I could explain in detail how my service benefits them.


Reply to @mertyshango: Tnx. My orders were mostly connected to virtual assistant jobs. I had also two orders for translating something. Tip:Be among the first three who send offer (check if there is anything new every one hour, or even rapidly - this is what I do)


I haven’t actually used the Buyer Requests, mainly because by the time I got around to thinking I should, I’d switched over to V2 and it seemed to be a lot of bugs with the system. I also don’t really have a gig that would be easily used for buyer requests (or the kind that I would reply too) so that’s something I have to work on.


I am feeling lazy to type today… But heres what I say…

I used the feature a LOT


Mine are about the same as OP, 92 sent 3 orders created. I use almost everyone daily if possible


Reply to @emasonwrites: I’m trying to make it a habit of sending out my 5 requests per day. When you think about it, sending out the requests takes no time at all and you’re increasing your chances of getting a sale that you might not otherwise get. Its kind of a no brainer if your gigs fit with what people are looking for.


Some people like me don’t have 5 requests to send out every day. I can only send out one a day since that all it offers me. I wish I could sent out more but I have to wait until the next day to do so.