How many orders is too many orders?


How many orders to you, is too many? I feel I can handle quite a bit of orders if I actually have the time to do so, but there are days where it does seem to get quite overwhelming, even with delivery time pushed back a bit. How about you, how many orders to you may be too many? Do you have a limit? Is your service easy enough to deliver an almost unlimited amount?


If you spend like say 2 hours for 1 gig and you get 20 order in a day. That means it is too much. So one good thing you can do is increase the delivery time. People don’t mind that at all.


@kjblynx: Yeah, that’s kind of how it works with me. If I am not too busy with my work outside of Fiverr, I can handle a pretty big amount of orders. Sometimes I actually spend more time negotiating a price with a buyer then it actually takes to deliver a given order!

@ryuken I certainly hope no-one spends two hours for one gig order. I can see spending that time if someone ordered my gig extras, but for $5 I am not going to spend a huge amount of time. In fact, I think I overly invest my time as it is for an individual. I have had some people that it bugged, but not many. I guess it kind of depends on what you offer in regards to that. I almost think that’s why my sales slowed down on my writing gig as I increased the delivery time.

@bachas85 It’s still puzzling to me how they get so many orders as it is for writing anyways. I can handle pretty bulk amounts of writing. I would say probably 50 to 100 a day if I have an open schedule. Otherwise, probably more around 20 to 30.