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How many orders need to be delivered on time to get 100% on time delivery stat?

Hi, My current on-time delivery stat is 97%, can anyone tell me how many orders need to be completed to get 100% on-time delivery status on my dashboard??

Thanks in advance


@webdevmaruf all each 100 orders need to deliver on time to get 100% ontime delivery.
You can calculate mathmatically too.
My profile all okay

Thanks for your kind information

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@webdevmaruf it’s not a hard task. You will just deliver every order before the time end. If your job is not complete before the given time then tell your buyer and deliver your partial task. Once job completed then deliver again

@sweet2 I always deliver on time. but I couldn’t deliver one task for the electricity problem and I deliver that file after 15 minutes of the time limit. this is the problem and only for that order it is now 97%