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How many orders you got on the first week of your first gig?

Hello there,
I am new to fiverr and created my first gig this week. I was wondering, whether it is possible to get the first sell within one week nowadays. How was your experience? Do you got your first sell on the first week? How many do you got on the first week?

Any tip for the newbies?

Much appreciated.


Try out the buyer requests section. You’re unlikely to get an order within the first week without going to people. The buyer requests shows everyone looking for help in the category that you specialise in.

You’ll find work in no time.


Thanks for your answer. But in the buyer’s requests section I only find fake requests posted by sellers. It’s very hard to find any real request or buyer looking for sellers.

It’s definitely possible.
I’ve joined Fiverr 2 months ago and got nearly all my orders until now from the buyer’s section.
Yes - there are a TON of useless requests and also another TON of requests I also click away.
Take your time and pick them very wisely, take your time writing the offer. You have to ultimately create interest early on and let the buyer know that you 101% understand what they need and that you can do it perfectly.
That way I got my orders - still waiting to get some organic orders tho :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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I am still trying to catch some requests and hoping to get some organic orders too. Your words will definitely movitate me. Thanks a lot.

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Keep looking. There are real requests too.

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