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How many people dont want to review your work?


I am just curious to know about that how many [eople have ordered your gig and in return how many people dont want to review your work after delivered your work? :open_mouth:

My analytics say 10% of people don’t rate my gig.

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for sharing this.

@contentmachines Mine is closer to 18%, but for those who do review me, I am at 99% positive, so I cannot complain. My gig is writing, so I figure I get a lot of people who are not comfortable with writing, not even a review. Bear in mind, people in general are not too bright. If you tell them that you write BOMBSHELL press releases, that are not for the faint of heart and more geared to news events, they want to order 5 of them for their doggie shampoo business that’s been around for 5 years and is now giving coupons. So, here is a place, where most of us are providing services that would take these customers hours of research just to find the appropriate business they were looking for, one week to get a quote, and then having their jaw drop when they realize that these services that they expect for $5 actually cost around $500 in the real world. Then, they want to complain about them. I mean, I had one guy who is releasing a video game app. I did close to 20 messages with him getting every exact detail about what his game did, why it was fun, why his audience would love it, and how it was different from the competition. After a few hours of research and writing, I delivered a press release which would have opened up the water works for him; literally like millions of dollars in residual sales and a buyout from a larger company. But he complained that I had “copied and pasted” everything that I told him about the game. I was flabblergasted. I mean, where do you begin to waste the time and energy arguing more about a moot point with some idiot than it is worth? I gladly asked him to cancel and refunded his $5. Some of these people are looking for employees to kick around, not freelancers. There is something missing in their lives; a missed promotion, a spouse or child that has left them, a dog that has run away. I quickly let them know, it ain’t me, babe. Go spend some money, and then you can complain to someone. In the meantime, if they don’t have the wherewithal to write a review, silence is golden. No news is good news in my book. Thank you.

17% unrated for me. However I’m running 100% positive ratings.

I’m more concerned about keeping that rating and improving my conversion rate.

40% of people don’t rate my service.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Its a bit too high… You need to do more homework for this… Best of luck…

Reply to @redactiveaudio: Good to hear from you…

Reply to @contentmachines: He is just a new seller here. So that seems high.

If you had 3 orders and 2 of them not reviewed, that would make it 66%.

It will decrease over time with more orders.

Reply to @webtelly: Good to see you here sir… You made a rock solid point here… Silence is golden… Like that…

Reply to @kay2809: You’re perfectly right. I have 9 sales, and only 6 reviews. I can say that some people will never leave a review no matter what you did to them. For example, a person asked me to translate 2 official documents in less than few hours. I said that I charge 10$ for extra fast delivery, but he ordered a gig for only 5$, of course I did a 1st class translation in 2h, delivered it as promised. I wrote that, because you’re one of my first clients I did extra fast work for free etc. But, a person didn’t even say ‘Thank you’. I’m glad that he didn’t cancel it :slight_smile: When you’re new, you should be loyal to your clients, even if they are rude to you.

Reply to @contentmachines: Thank you! I want to be the best of the best on Fiverr! :wink:

Reply to @contentmachines: What about you? How many people didn’t rate your service?

Mine is 59% :slight_smile: most of my buyers didn’t rate my gig because I’m not ask them to rate after delivery, I’m not care about the rating, I’m happy when my buyer is happy!

Reply to @kay2809: I know he is a new seller like myself… I agree with u.This percentage will decrese over time with more orders…

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: I have 4 sales. But in return only 3 reviews…

Reply to @darrendesign: You are exceptional… But agree in this point when your customers are happy,you are happy… @};-

I think some people will choose not to rate the gig because it shows up on seller’s gig page. Although that probably relates more to illustration gigs.

Reply to @veetink: But what’s the problem for buyer’s to show the review on seller’s gig page… This happend only on when people dont like your work and dont want to review your gig… This is my thought…

Reply to @contentmachines: It could be that as well. In this case it is truly better to have no review than a bad one.

Nevertheless I have received positive feedback in messages, but the buyer never submitted official review. Even though their activities indicate that they know how the platform works. And yes, I have asked to rate and review on delivery, but that didn’t seem to impact their choices. So I based my assumption on this experience only.

Interesting if someone else had this as well.

Anyway I am fine with that as long as the buyer is cool with my work.