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How many pictures can i upload in my Gig?

Hi,i was wondering if there’s a way to upload more than just 3 pictures for my gig. I noticed that there are some gigs with up to 20 pics. I think its just because im a new seller, but just in case it wasnt because of that, i’d really like to know how.

Also i’m gonna leave the link to ly gig here, i’d really appreciate it if someone would check it out and tell me what can i improve in it, since im new to all of this;

Thank You

Check out: for helpful information on how to get started on Fiverr.


You can upload upto 3 images in your gig and you can also use video and PDF for your gig . You have seen more than 3 images on some seller’s gig because they have delivered those work on fiverr . When you will deliver an order you will see an option to upload your work if you upload your work and the buyer want to show that image on your portfolio then it will be added in your gig . … Hope you got that … :grinning:


Thank you that was very helpful

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You are most welcome . :grinning:

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