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How Many pictures can I upload?


How Many pictures can I upload for my gig?


3 images, 2 pdf :slightly_smiling_face:


As said @offlinehelpers and you can add a video too.


@offlinehelpers 3pic


Yep - that’s what the link to the help centre says - 3 images, 2 pdf.


we can upload total 3 pic only why 2 pdf file


You can upload 3 pictures and 1 video into your gig gallery, But if you like to add more picture into your gig you can try to make a video with lots of images with a music


You can upload 3 images plus (and, also, as well as) 2 pdf files


Initially 3 but when you deliver orders, the delivered order’s images are automatically added along with the Gig you used for selling your design.


Thank you all so much!
Feel free to check out my art gig if you need or want anything