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How many positive orders does it take to move up your % ratings?

I’ve had over 5 orders recently, all positive and my % still has not moved!

In order to be eligible to respond to the buyer requests list, one has to have 95% rating.

Does anyone know how fiverr works the ratings (how many positive reviews needed to move up a percentage)?

In the past, if I got 2 positive reviews then I always moved up 1 percent, but not now.

My buyer requests are greyed out too and I don’t know why. Very frustrating. I am a newbie here and have had 12 orders, 11 at 100%, 1 not rated. But, I don’t see how to add extras to my gigs or where to find instruction for how things work. Can anyone direct me to the explanations of how this works?

Reply to @revgerrys:

You have to be a Level 1 seller in order to “add extras”.


Thanks, lorena, I will check it…After 12 orders, that is supposed to have happened I thought. My profile says level one seller…

madmoo said: So you need to look at how many positives you have, how many negatives and work it out. Obviously each calculation will be different depending on the figures.

Example Calculation: Say you have 31 Pos and 2 Neg. Subtract 2 from 31 = 29. Then divide 29 by 31 = 93.5%.

If you get another Neg, then subtract 3 from 31 = 28. Then divided 28 by 31 = 90%.

So in this example 1 more Neg equates to a 3% drop.


A Not Rated delivery is as good as Positive Rated delivery in that while it adds nothing, it subtracts nothing.

revgerrys said: Thanks, lorena, I will check it....After 12 orders, that is supposed to have happened I thought. My profile says level one seller...

10 orders AND 30 days. You're half way there!

Thanks so much, madmoo and voiceoverwork. It’s a lot to get a handle on when you are new. Appreciate your replies on this forum. Really helps to clear it up.


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I’ve been here for almost 2 yrs, I think my anniversary is next month…and I still don’t know everything. That’s why I asked about the % rating…

Like anything, it takes time to smooth things out and feel comfortable.

I’ve also been struggling with the percentages. I’m literally one percentage off and have really been encouraging my buyers to review my orders. I know this is a bit of a tangent, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to get them to leave reviews? Sometimes they order from me multiple times in a row, but they still just don’t leave feedback

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I’ve had the same problem as well in the past. One guy ordered from me quite a bit but never left feedback for public view. He would put the feedback in a message. I asked him if he could leave public feedback but never got replies about it. Then the next day I would get a message from him asking if I’m available for another order but he never mentioned the public feedback.

I’m thinking that maybe these people are multi-tasking and just forget to leave public feedback. Or maybe they don’t want the world to see that they order from fiverr, who knows maybe they are outsourcing their work from their job!

Feedback is important, and as part of every delivery I ask for positive feedback, but only if it’s deserved. Newbies put a lot (maybe too much) emphasis on getting the almighty feedback. I say be grateful for whatever feedback comes naturally, and don’t pursue feedback at the expense of other important things you should be doing, like finding more buyers.

Somewhere I remember several of us agreeing that a 30% feedback ratio is very good. I know some will strongly disagree, but there is a point-of-no-return where chasing feedback becomes counter productive, and much of what you pursue will be given under duress. I’d rather have 30% great feedback than 60% so-so feedback. :slight_smile:

I actually have at least an 80% feedback ratio or so. I just got Level 1, and I’m selling more thanks to Gig Extras. But, I got one order cancelled because I was on vacation and the buyer didn’t know… and now I have a 93% positive rating ratio. I got two more orders that gave me positive reviews… but yet it didn’t go up yet. I wonder why.


That’s great! 80% is kind of typical in the beginning. Once you get rolling and your sales numbers increase, most likely your feedback ratio will drop. But it’s all good.

Reply to @lorena72:

I had a guy ordering multiple gigs and no feedback. I pestered him (politely) and finally he did. It was only a thumbs up, no actual text but I appreciated it. If you’re having trouble with them not wanting to leave public feedback I would suggest telling them that even a simple thumbs up would be appreciated. Because apparently this does not show up in your review comments, but it does factor into your positive reviews.

I also gave him an incentive to posting feedback such as loyalty rewards type programs - just offering a little extra for his next order type thing. I hope this helps!

I think so…

i complete 4 order and 2 with positive rating and 2 not rated overall positive rating is 80% but i can’t sent Buyer Request and gig Extras so please help which method i’m increasing my + rating 80% to 90%.