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How many price maximum in zero level gigs?

How many gig price in zero level.Mean in zero level only $5 gigs sale.I want 50$ and 100$ gig what i do

Its depend on your service quality and quantity. I suggest for $5

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thanks for your reply but i work 2d animation and buyer want voice over and long video more than two minutes or 3 minutes but in $5 or even $20 not good.This type of work need minimum $60 to $70.In zero level only one gig promote in $20 and $10.This is my question

Be patient - work your way up the levels and you’ll be able to charge more per gig.

Your buyer can always purchase more than one gig to cover the necessary cost.

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thanks for your suggestion.but the main issue is $400 required for level one and $5 is enough because buyer always demand supper work with voice over thatsheart me.