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How many resolutions do you deliver in?and source files?

Recently after I finished a gig. The client message me and said that the video was not optimized for Facebook or Instagram. I exported the videos with the same settings that I use when I upload things to Instagram and my Facebook for my portfolio. Either way I use different export settings and sent them the videos. They also asked me before the offer was completed for my source files also, which they also didn’t discuss with me beforehand. That surprised me because no one ever asks for them and even when I do work irl I don’t give them. My Adobe project file belongs to me by law, so I don’t see it as needing to be given.

I’m wondering if I should automatically be delivering both video resolutions, or if that was more of a they should have stated their requirements initially when asked for them?

Secondly, For me when a client pays for my services they are paying for a completed work not my project files and certainly not the licensed music used in the video.

It might be important to say before the offer was created I had a discussion with them about what they needed and what they were looking for. I’m not on a high horse I’m just genuinely curious cause these are things that have never come up before.

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Put in your gig descriptions that the project/source files aren’t included if you don’t want to send those or can’t for rights reasons. If you can’t deliver the project file because of rights issues then say that in a message to the buyer if they ask and don’t deliver the project file (you could say it doesn’t say it’s included in the gig description, though for the future you should really put in the description that it’s not included).

If your gig is for delivering in certain formats you could ask in the requirements what format(s)/dimensions they want it delivered in. You could also check with them what format(s)/dimensions they want if they haven’t filled it in. It could be a multiple choice option in the gig requirements.