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How many revisions should i offer in my gigs?

Hi guys … i just want to ask how many revisions should i offer in may gigs … i think 3 or 5 max … and did you have any bad experiences with buyers asking for a lot of revisions?

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I offer 1 or none. Free revisions spell disaster on gigs where buyers are never satisfied, regardless of the quality of work.

Others offer more, that’s up to them, any more I make the buyer pay for my time.

I would highly advise against unlimited revisions.


What if buyer demand for more revisions and refuse to pay extra?

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If the changes are something not specified in their requirements I point that out to them. If it’s something I have missed then fair enough I will correct it. But if it’s not specified then it’s just a continuation of work. Like being asked to put up a shed and eventually building a house for the same fee.


Tough. The buyer can demand all they like. If the gig states X revisions. Then that’s what they get.

I don’t offer any revisions. None. Nada. I still get half a dozen orders a week.

It is my belief that the more revisions you offer, the more of a kicking you can expect from unscrupulous buyers.


Depending on the gig, I offer one or two revisions. I’ve rarely had buyers request more than that, if any revisions to begin with, so it generally has remained a non-issue.

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