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How many sale you gain in September?


Does September Month Good for you or bad? What’s is your avg. Response time now these days?

How many earn in September
Is everyone get less impression , click on gigs in September or it is common as well in all rest month?

My current response time: 2 hours
Yea, September is much better than last 4 months, but still I’m not growing in sales as much as I would expected. :slight_smile:


Decrease your response time; maybe it will work for you, My response time 1 hour, and same experience with Sep. month


My avg. response time 1 hr.
And this September is lucky for me. Coz, this September I got my first order and I got 3 sales till now.


Woooaw, Amazing, and Best of luck… Keep your response time 1hr, and also, stay online on Fiverr more, Surly, you will get more sales :slight_smile:


My avg. response time is always 1 hrs.
But in September my selling has been down. :cold_sweat:
I’ve good reviews and feedback my maximum GIG is on first page of search results. Completed only 13 orders in September.


Bro, it is better than nothing, many new sellers suffer much time but, get 0 order. Second, maybe, in September, your niches work done. Be Happy, you will get success :slight_smile:


so far so good ,an order or two daily


August has been my best month, but September is not too far behind, and will probably surpass it. I just upped my prices so my order numbers have dropped. I went from having 17 orders in a single week to having just three, but the total has been similar after the price increase, so it’s been all good. I have completed 27 orders in September, with 2 more being written now, which is my best month yet for order numbers. My response time is 1hr, with an average of 18.68.


Yes, Thank you. I also believe that. :grinning:


Good to see your progress, one tip which I always apply, I send custom offers to my old clients, I get orders from them again. :wink:


welcome Fahimulkarim :blush:


amazing ratio :slight_smile: nice to meet you…


When my sales are slower, I always send messages to potential clients who otherwise just vanished on me (they send the message, we talk, and then… nothing.), or I send messages to old clients asking if they need more work done. I do try to do the Buyers Requests at times too, but can never find one that matches my price tag.

Going to a few other sites and attempting to get work there as well is great as well, as I don’t want to put all my eggs in one big Fiverr basket.


Great so far , I hope things grow better in the next few days


Two sales, but I’m still pretty new here, so I can congratulate myself. :slight_smile:


Sales are going up after a low couple of months.
Orders and inquiries for Australian clients are on the rise (I’m not from AU)


Well, I joined August but my September sale is much pretty awesome than August and I hope October will be much greater. My Avg response has always been Ihr.


Hi there! September is my best month so far YEAS:blush::blush:
My avg. response time is 4 hours… I’m trying to get this lower! Cheers!


sure. hope so :slight_smile: , it will be best for all