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How many sales do you get?

Hello everyone.
I am a new seller and i am getting a normal amount of sales. I was wondering if i keep working on fiver and gain many reviews and level up. Will that get me more sales?
My weekly status:
1-3 sales per week “20$-80$” profit per week.

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I just started about a week ago. Got my first sale yesterday and I can’t explain how great It felt that somebody actually had interest in working with me and paying for my service. It’s actually nothing compared to you but It’s a start ,right?

Great job. It toke me same time to gdt my 1st sale. Its really important for the first buyer to give an amazing review so you get future customers.

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There are no sales guarantees here on Fiverr. You could get many sales, or you could gain zero – none. It is up to YOU and the marketing, promotional, and gig design efforts that YOU do to present yourself as someone your target customers should hire. No one – not even Fiverr – can promise that you will “get more sales”. That’s just not how business works.


Thank you sir. I insure you that i know how “business works”. I didnt ask for a more sales. I was asking how did leveling up helped other sellers. Instid of being toxic share your knowledge. If you dont want to share please dont reply.

@jonbaas wasn’t being ‘toxic’ - he was actually trying to help you. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


The proper word is “assure”, not “insure”. Those words mean very different things.

As for sharing my knowledge… I answered your questions. It is inappropriate for you to insult me for doing so. As @offlinehelpers noted, I answered your questions in an attempt to help. I’m sorry if you did not like practical answers that I provided.