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How many sales do you have in June so far?

I have one sale at 18/6 so far. Poor start for a new one like me? I got some buyers request cause they said great work, well doen, can you send me an offer for a xxxx? Yes i did but then, the same buyer wanted to know what cost a 30 secs animated promotion video. I answered quickly what the costs will be. Then i never heart something from the buyer. Yesterday i answered at 7 buyers request but nobody answered. Not even a thanks but i found another…There is no option for that i can see, bad or not bad?

I looked yesterday how many had answered at a request from a buyer in the option buyers requests and i was chocked, 40 - 50 sellers answered at the same gig! Strange huh? or wired? What is the buyers looking for? Quality cheep work or what? What ever, something need to be changed? The page, site, tags or month? For example for the same work i gave my price to the buyers request, take Envato studio animators between 300 - 1000 $. I send the buyer a price at 150 $ and did not got a answer! I cant give the buyer a price like 5$ - 25$ for a 1 minute whiteboard animation only for to catch him and get a new good rating. The work takes a lot of time to do an good whiteboard as a great result for the buyer product selling! I can do a 30 secs whiteboard for 25 $ but i do it only one time, cause I know how much work I puted down.

I was looking in another market place to see how it works for designers, artists and others there. They said everyone like, that sales are worse than expected. Month may have been the best for Envato marketplace for example. This marketplace have15 number of allowed tags and not all utilize them. How many tags is allowed on Fiverr? 1 - 4 or 5? Buyers seems to search more at WordPress / eCommerce / WooCommerce tags what many sellers in Envato talking about. It makes me a little confused, when i see a “Hand-picked designers and developers ready for your project” in Envato Studio have a lot of work to do and why? Is the site more balanced with artists and designers, developers? Is theirs price more atraktiv? What is the meaning with to have an buyer request option when 70 % of fiveers sellers cant get any work?

Thats correctly and i hope they take away this option very fast!

50$ sounds ok for a 30 secs video promotion gig- yes great but i had 25 $ like you said " lets go on date before married". Last price i send for a answer request was 150$ for 1 minute promotion video but it was still to high that price. So for sure i need some more to get my reputation up and 50$ should be a good begining. Thanks for the tip.


I am in the whiteboard space. I did the first 100 videos for $5.00, what my competition was doing for $25.00. Offered unlimited revisions and still do. Sounds crazy? It worked. I maintained 0 negative feedback, delivered 100 gigs in 60 days, and later moved to the Fiverr market price. Now, I can average about $50-$100 per hour. After your process and offer settles in, there is still about 1 in 20 videos that are just problematic. It’s not the customer’s fault. You just have to build that in your process.

I have found that the typical Fiverr customer is generally willing to spend no more than $50.00-$200.00. They are just not willing to budget more. It has nothing to do with the product. I believe as the site reputation gets stronger, that budget will increase.

Fiverr is based upon a “If I don’t like it I shouldn’t pay” platform. If you do anything else, you will hose your ratings. If you are willing to give 100% satisfaction guarantee, how large will you let the first time order be? I call that first order the “Let’s go on a date before we get married” order. :slight_smile:

I have not used the buyer request area. If I have to provide proposals in the work flow, my cost goes up 500%. That right, my $50.00 video just became $250.00. That is how much time writing proposals and losing bids cost you. You typically don’t win more than 50% of the projects you bid on. That is what makes the Fiverr platform so great.