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How many sales have YOU made on Fiverr?

Definitely industry to industry this amount of orders and the importance of that number changes. When writing, I think 33 in a little over a year is a good number while still holding another full time job - whereas an acting coach per se might need double that to stay relevant.

Yes. I agree. Keep it up!

More than 5000 completed orders

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I’ve been here since mid-December 2020. I only have one completed order(

Member since 2015, with almost 2 years break. I have completed 1027 orders. Last September 3rd I met all requirements to become a TRS… still waiting for some news.

Selling on fiverr since last 4 months & I’m very close to hit 50. Most of jobs took more then a week to complete, my order ratio will be low but $$$ high.

10 000…How in the world did you complete 10 000 orders…I’m still at 200 :joy:

Well, the pandemic brought a lot more competitors, the Fiverr algorithm does whatever it can, but I can definitely see my gig being pushed around randomly…

I have made $400 on freelancer in 2 months than the $70 I have earned in Fiverr in 7 months.

5000 completed orders wow! Keep it up!

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Good luck on becoming a TRS!

One order is not bad in that time frame! It takes a while to get your first few orders, then they start to pile up! Everyone starts from the beginning, keep it up!

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@heyfellow1, 200 orders is a good start! Keep it up!

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I have received 7 orders and complete 5 orders. I’m on Fiverr since April 2020.

Total Completed sales Orders 1,713

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