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How many sell my gig service


I am Eva loli. Fiverr new seller. I am already 19 days ago Fiverr gig create.But I do not any of the gig sells. What do we do now I want to my Fiverr gig sell but how?


Hello welcome to Fiverr. My name is Antony like you I edit photos :smiley:


Hi Eva,

Welcome to fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time on fiverr.



i am also a newbie…even i got an order…but my experience as a seller was very bad.i sell my service to a buyer. i gave him 3 jpgs of a graphic with source file in just $5.but he gave me 4.4 %rating…since that rating is less than 90 % i m unable to apply for buyers requets as per fiverr rule…so plz be careful about ratings while handling ur first client on fiverr…all the best


Welcome to fiverr. Wish you all the best.