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How many Seller are there from Pakistan?


Long Live Pakistan!



Pakistan :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Pakistan zindabad

from KPK pakistan




I saw different Pakistani that He had frustrated and fear from Freelancing Any Reason behind it?

  • Pakistani getting fail in Freelancing Why?
  • Why Pakistani can’t success in Freelacing?
  • The Buyer not hiring Me Why?
  • And We haven’t Talent?
    Who can Explain it?


*** Pakistani getting fail in Freelancing Why?**
because i think only few percent elder’s believe in freelancing, so mostly elder’s didn’t sport the new generation for freelancing.
*** Why Pakistani can’t success in Freelancing?**
i think very less people know about freelancing, mostly people didn’t try to reach the freelancing and there are very less people who know about freelancing. this will be the reason i think.
*** The Buyer not hiring Me Why?**
because 90% of buyer are from Europe and the didn’t know about us that we have skills in freelancing, don’t mind butt the didn’t believe us. this is our goal to tell them that we are best nation in the world, we have to show them that we have skills. that we will be best for here order,
And We haven’t Talent ?
this is wrong we have talent, i think every one have talent, just need a spark the talent will be rise.
Who can Explain it?
i think i didn’t have experience to explain this but i think that every one have to try for new things, don’t hesitate in new things just try the success will be waiting for you on the way,

ME ALLAH bless Pakistan.
Pakistan zinda abad.


  • Pakistani getting fail in Freelancing Why?
    Not only Pakistani but freelancers from all over the world who came here with this thought that freelancing is like opening a bank account only we need to create it and no other struggle they want to do. Freelancing means consistency, struggle and polishing your skills.
  • Why Pakistani can’t succeed in Freelancing?
    When you search every category there you will see lots of Pakistani TRS, Level 2, Level 1 seller
    all of them are successful. Only those are failed who didn’t continue their struggle, they give up in their first 3 months.
  • The Buyer not hiring Me Why?
    I don’t know your experience but if you have talent and skills and offer it in an attractive way buyer will hire you.
    Hope you get your answer for your question, all of your questions have one answer struggle, consistency if you have those no one can stop you from success.


I am from Pakistan as well.


Inshallah We Will Not Be Failed In Freelancing Now


Too many now. Freelancing is growing in Pakistan


Best Nation In the Word but We don’t express it.

The talent haven’t others that we Have!

Yeah I was also expecting like that but in reality it’s wrong.

Ameeeen. We haven’t to Fail here!

Yeah In pakistan Freelancer Is growing day by day.


I was pointing this question Who have give up and don’t expect from Freelanceing.

IF you have some question and experience So please put it here?


Wow Nice, can you make more visible? I just check your reviews and found someone in your reviews twice?


this is my luck…


Who says Pakistanis are failing in freelancing?
Kindly check this success story:


Slaam to all of you ,

I am also from Pakistan :slight_smile: , n I am Proud to be a Pakistani :blush:


I am also from Pakistan and new here please guide me thanks