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How many sellers believe that adding video in Gig increase 220% sells?

How many sellers believe that adding video in Gig increase 220% sells?

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well i am new to fiverr, but i think that a video is good to make a connection with buyer, as we always want to know about the person behind the services. there is a person who offers related gig as my gig, but due to a video , he is on first page

me not

I don’t think it helps as much as they claim they do. It is helpful in the case of Video and Animation Gigs obviously but not every gig needs a video I feel. I have seen sellers making good money without videos as well but like I said their gig was something that could do on its own without the video.

I don’t know how they came with the 220% number, but I can say I like hearing from buyers that like my videos. I see the videos as commercials for my gigs, you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to, just search fiverr video, gig video, movie trailer, whiteboard, blackboard, and you’ll find plenty of people that will make you a video for $5. All you have to do is give them a script, it’s not so hard to do.

I don’t think so

I think it helped more with gig visibility way back when there was a search option for gigs with videos. But now they are all mixed in together.

It really helps in improving your ranking in search results.

Funny to say but after adding video to my best selling GIG, my GIG is out of Serach Box, and no sale afterward

I don’t think that they increase the sales but some buyers request for them, they love them, they want them for their stuff, basically to me is the same that @fastcopywriter said

Honestly, i do not think it really effective…there was sometimes i do not have video on my gig, i still have sales more than when i added video to it. then i discovered that most buyers do not have time watching your gig video especially we in the graphic niche, because most of the time the thumbnail of the video will cover the gig image when displaying on fiverr. this will not give the buyer the perfect visual display of your gig image. only those who have the time to watch the video will see your samples through the video.just my opinion.

Not sure about the 200%

No I dont think it does.

Well I had my gig up for quite awhile no video and it was doing well… even showed up on the first page of search for a while. Then I added a video and now it wasn’t showing up at all for about a week and just today I checked and it’s like in the top 30 which is basically like page 3 or 4… so I am not sure what a video is suppose to have done… but I think I might remove it… I give it another week…

I think it helps because it brings your services to life, whatever you are selling, motions creates more impact than still images. I only have one video for my main gig and frankly it’s the only gig that is getting attention.

I think It will not helpful for the sellers that are the developers… What you think

I added a few videos and they really increased my impressions for about a week then they went back down so I removed them because they weren’t that great. Added a new video today so hopefully that will increase my impressions.

all the best.

me not

It doesn’t help to have a video.