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How many sellers have "Tip" gigs?


I see a lot of sellers with tip gigs. It is a good idea, but for some reason, it does not seem right to me to ask buyers to pay a tip when they already paid for your gig.

Let’s discuss. Should I have one or should I not? I’d like to hear from other sellers.



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I have one but I feel the same way, I really feel uncomfortable asking for tips. If my clients see the gig and tip, then great, that is awesome but I am not going to ask


I offer it but have never gotten anything from it


Reply to @shawnecannon: I saw one seller a few weeks back who sold a lot :wink:


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Yeah, I don’t feel right, but I want to hear from other sellers about this.


I have one but I never give a link or mention it…so it is probably pointless.


I have one :slight_smile:


Yep we both have one and we have some great customers! Well worth doing.


I hardly get tips… usually the buyer buys another gig and leaves a message that its a tip. Perhaps, I need a tip gig…



I Think the best would be if fiverr would just embed this ability in their system. For example, anytime a user writes a positive feedback it should say: “happy with the work ? Consider a Tip”, whereas then be will be prompted to choose how much.

That way, no need for us to ask :slight_smile:


I have a tip gig, and i’ve never asked for a tip. They’ve always said “how do i give you a tip?” I send them a link to that gig :slight_smile:


I have a tip gig and initially didn’t ask for tips but several buyers found the link anyway and tipped me :slight_smile:


I have one and don’t ask but many buyers do tip


Reply to @madmoo: completely agree, 1$ or 2$ would be also very nice :slight_smile:


Reply to @skylus: Thanks a great idea.


Reply to @madmoo: Just use the search feature. LOL


Yeah, they need better search LOL


I guess I am starting one. :wink:


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