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How many services you should offer to attract the buyers

I am trying to get my first order for almost 2 months but i could not, i offer more then 1 service , my question is what is the best way to attract the buyers at first by offering one service or more then one service?

There is no special secret method to earn sales. Offer the service that your target customer needs, and reach out to those target customers and encourage them to hire you. It’s as simple – and as hard – as that.


i have sent 162 proposals and still got no order i am best in my work, i think my proposal is not good enough could you tell me how to impress the buyers?
I am totally dis heart and i tried my best but still no results

Are you really who you’re claiming to be? I googled Adam Archer, and he works in Alabama, USA, as a pharmacist. I’m confused that the same Adam Archer appears to be here on Fiverr offering SEO services from Lahore, Pakistan.

If you’re faking your identity, then no amount of proposals or techniques will make you a success. Who would buy from a thief? I wouldn’t.


I’m sure you are. But YOU are going to have to prove that in order to earn sales.

No, I cannot. YOU are going to have to figure this out on your own. Study your target customer needs, and express your ability to resolve those needs via the services you offer.

Perhaps you need to try harder. Perhaps you need to market and promote your services, instead of expecting all of your sales to come from the Buyer Request section. Where are your target customers, and what can you do to reach out to them?

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I see that you have had one sale. Was it really for $150 (or $300, or $500)? Or was it a $5 service, and then you’ve changed the price?

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My offer start from $150 but i was hire for just some small changes in optimization so the budget was just $50