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How many spam messages do you get per day?

Over the past few weeks, I have had an onslaught of spam hitting my inbox from people who think my gig is a job posting (I get an average of 5 per day). Of course, these people do not speak a word of Danish, nor can they figure out how to create a gig, so I don’t know how they are expecting to complete the job (which doesn’t exist) when they don’t even have the slightest portion of the skills needed to complete it.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar? And I wonder who is telling these “sellers(?)” that it is a good idea to spam people on Fiverr and to claim to be able to translate into a language you have no clue how to speak?


Yes. As they do seem to come in waves sometimes, it’s possible that they get their ideas from some self-proclaimed Fiverr guru who doesn’t know the first thing about ToS, etiquette, and such, but offers courses or coaching on YouTube, or in dubious closed FB groups, or elsewhere.

Why they don’t question it when someone tells them all they need to be able to do to offer translation services is copy and paste and click a button, because people who’d buy that would not just save money but even save time doing that themselves instead of going through the process of buying a gig? Many of them probably don’t even realize what’s wrong with their “business plan”, in addition to unscrupulous people who want to make money, there are many naïve people out there. If someone with enough views on YouTube tells them there’s money in that, they’ll just try those amazing Fiverr guru “tricks”, without ever reading the site terms or explanations about how it all works. You can register without even having to do some multiple-choice test regarding those things, so.


I never get spam messages. Presumably those spammers know better than to tangle with … moi!

… or maybe because my prices are high and my spam trigger finger is always on guard …


I was thinking that it was likely to be someone on YouTube as well. Maybe I will ask next time I get a message.

I got two just after posting this thread. I don’t know if they are just messing with me now, but I am at 6 for the day at the moment, and I haven’t even had lunch. I might be going for the record.

As long as they say right away what they want, at least it doesn’t take much time, more annoying are those who start with just “Hi” and you know it’s one of them but still you need to go back and forth, until they finally say something that justifies hitting the block/spam button to be done with the “conversation”. Can be like pulling teeth sometimes. I also made the experience a few times that “won’t affect your response rate” doesn’t work for me, so I always need to reply, even if they do me the favour to make it clear in their first post that they are spamming.

You get used to it, but it’s still annoying, all those seconds and minutes add up.


Yeah, at least some of them get straight to the point, not all of them, though. I recently had the same issue with the “won’t affect your response rate”, which almost cost me my Level 2 rank, but luckily CS fixed it for me.

I have had a lot of spam in waves as well, but it has never been as much as this time. Usually, it was only like two messages per day, and, at the time, I thought it was kind of funny. Now it is just a waste of time.

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Starting off, it was weekly but thankfully I haven’t gotten much lately fingers crossed

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I found out about the language situation when I was looking for a Spanish speaker in Fiverr as a buyer. 99% of the people appearing after I filtered by Spanish were from countries where Spanish in not the spoken language and had a list of spoken languages like: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French (yes, sure You speak all the these languages I believe you).

Fiverr must make obligatory language test for every language you listed. However, is not going to solve the situation since I have see in the facebook group people paying others to take the Fiverr exams for them.

Regarding of the Fiverr guru, probably the same people giving advises such as stay online for 24 hours and spam the social media with your gig to have success on Fiverr are the same one that have given this advice as well.
High price will not save you, I get spams as well for people begging me to work for me for free. I report them immediately, I feel sad because they get banned probably but what can I do.

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I agree. I know of at least one person in my category (translation between Danish and English) who does not speak the language at all. I think it is sad that people get tricked into ordering from him. They have no way of checking him before ordering, as most buyers who purchase translations do not know the target language themselves.

I don’t know if I can report him for not having the skills he says he has when I haven’t ordered from him. If it is possible, I will do so. His gig description is in very bad Danish, clearly from Google Translate.

Just got one.

“Um hey. I am thinking about getting Fiverr Pro. no body is sees my gigs. Do you think gettin the pro version helps with this?”

Their profile was a joke, no way they would ever get approved for Fiverr Pro. Reported for spam immediately. These people need to get out of the platform.


I’m working as a translator and proofreader and the only spam I’ve received in the past month was one mail from someone writing a thesis about this platform and they asked me to fill out a survey and one asking me to contact them via mail but I generally receive very few spam mails.

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I never really get this kind of spam. Usually lots of people asking for ‘free samples’ who have no buying history on Fiverr and others who want me to outsource my work to them - I usually send a quick ’ no thanks’ response to avoid my response rate going down and then either leave them alone or block them.

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I got that same one a couple Of hours ago.

I found it hilarious that she was considering giving the Pro badge a chance but still needed convincing about whether or not it was worth it.

I didn’t click on her profile, her message told me everything I needed to know to block/report her.


Yeah, that was the best part. The way it was worded sounded like “Oh, I could be Pro easily, I just want to know if it’s worth my time”. Lmao.

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The only spam messages I get involve people begging me to give them work. It’s annoying, but I have a quick response and my mouse over the Spam button quickly.

I’m glad I don’t get a lot of other types! I don’t have time or patience for those.


I get similar messages not very often, but when I get, this people keep texting again and again, asking for job. Even after I explain them, that I am a seller, not a buyer.

Also, I get messages from fake “buyers” who simply want to buy my Fiverr or Upwork account, usually Upwork. It’s insane


I have numerous people asking for a job! It is ridiculous! I am going to start reporting them.

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It sure is. I am also reporting all of them. I ended up receiving 11 spam messages today. A new record for me!

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