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How many time someone could change thier gigs name?


suppose i want to change my title. how many time i could?


You can change the title as many times as you want.

Just remember that every time you make changes to gig it will be taken out of search results for a review.


Also keep in mind that you can change the title that’s visible on the gig itself but not the URL, and it’s not advisable to change the title into something that doesn’t have anything to do with the URL, that might come back to bite you.
E.g., if your URL is “design-minimal-logos” and your old gig title was “I will design minimal logos for you”, it should be fine to change the title to “I will design elegant logos for you”, for example, but not to “I will design websites for you”. In case you do major changes like that, so the gig title would clash with the URL, a new gig is the way to go.


Miiila thanks you so much


thanks Odal appreciated