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How many times can a buyer request a cancellation


Hi Fiverr’ss
My question is just that. At what point does the order naturally close. I’ve cancelled orders before due to me being honest with myself. The right to refuse this one has been exercised.
I’ve done everything within TOS but apparently a game of cancelation chess is allowed on Fiverr. No means no, right? I guess not


The answer is forever, I guess. When you contact the CS, they’ll give you the “we can’t force the buyer to accept the delivery” spiel and if your blood pressure levels allow it, you can carry on declining to your heart’s content.

Until the buyer figures out to contact the CS themselves and then the order either gets cancelled on their behalf or (and I’ve heard a few stories like this) the situation gets somehow resolved in your favor (minus the rating you’re going to get).


The seller has been around for years with lots of sales, even recently but no badge. I wonder why?


I love the way when something goes south, every single aspect of your presented work is violated.
Like narcissistic character assassination. "Wow- hold on a minute , you just told me me how wonderful I was 2 minutes ago.
Im a nice person but sometime I wonder about mankind :wink:


:grin: Great analogy.


I would be more worried about the rating I’m going to give


Yep, it can be a game of cancellation chess.


Well, you have to contact Fiverr Support.


Guess what I lost, can you contest a cancellation by customer support- or is that check mate?


Unfortunately you are going to have to take an L on this one. I would let Fiverr Support be aware of their behavior and they can look into the user’s account. I’ve had someone do this to me way back and the user got banned.


Chess would probably suggest that there might be an intellectual aspect to this process :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is more like: cancellation mess

Probably checkmate! :chess_pawn: :frowning_face: However, maybe you could try and convince CS by making them see logic in your side of the story? IDK; it’s worth a try, I guess.


I really don’t understand what you are asking. Is a buyer asking to cancel an order which you have delivered and are you refusing? Going of later comments, is this buyer also a Fiverr seller? Or have you placed an order with someone which you are trying to cancel?

If another seller has placed an order with you which they are attempting to cancel (and you have delivered) contact CS. Point out that the buyer is a fellow seller and that as per TOS buyers can’t cancel orders due to personal preference.


Customer cancelled (disputed cancel) shortly after delivery
After plenty of begging, threatening and other immature buyer communication.
I agreed to do a revision (not that it was asked for). She asked for it knowing shes in a loosing battle.
Of course after reporting the incident and delivering a revision it was swiftly rejected again
and off she went ranting. Even threatening to cancel the transaction with Pay-Punk
CS wrote back to me and said they take this kind of behavior very seriously and protect the sellers
fees. If the buyer attempted to cancel through Pay-Punk there would be a serious consequence,.
One hour later it was cancelled without reason.

I conducted myself to the TOS book as usual . Buyer broke TOS rules several times with threats…and yet here we are!!

Buyer is a long term seller

Basically buyers client did not like VO is the nook and crook of it


Well, at least there is one happy seller out there. :slight_smile: Sorry it’s not you. :frowning:


I have contested it , my rating took a 1% hit


Hold the fort Queen, apparently I got credited the funds so this is not a check mate. How is this possible?


Don’t ask me. I know more about separating Siamese twins than I do the ever deepening mysteries of CS.


I can only siemese (bu-bum-tish) that the buyer did indeed cancel via Pay-Pal.


Is their account still active? That’s a bit quick for a Pay-Pal chargeback. It would also imply that the chargeback (if there was one) took place instantly and as such, wasn’t petitioned by Fiverr. However, they would in this case, be able to prove to Pay-Pal that the chargeback was fraudulent.


Fiverr said they cancelled “their side” that’s all I know.
“for the moment funds have been added?”