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How many times can I ask for edits? and other questions


Okay, for all the sellers out there. I have only used fiverr twice so far and I like it, but I was hoping for a clarification on a few points. I have searched the forums and faqs but I have not found any suitable answers.

Is there a general rule or cultural norm of this site for how many edits I may ask for? lets say I want a picture Photoshopped and it is just not quite right. Is there a general guideline for something like this?.. eg, ask for 1 or 2 edits then accept the work, leave positive feedback, and pay for another gig (either with the same person, or someone else)

I fully realize $5 is very reasonable and it is not my intention to have someone edit 20 times. I am perfectly willing to pay more if needs be… Lets say we agree the work is more involved, or I would like to see it a different way… how would you, as sellers, like to see this handled?

Secondly, how do we handle longer gigs? I would not want to violate fiverr rules and I do want to respect the sellers… is it acceptable to msg a seller, agree to $50 and then order 10 gigs?


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It all depends on the seller and the gig. I make it clear in my gigs that revisions require repurchase because of the work involved. I also make sure to engage the buyer by asking any questions I may have before beginning their project.

If I make an error, then it is a different story. Depending on the situation, a seller may rework something for no extra charge. It would then be most kind of the buyer to tip if the seller has a tip gig.


I generally do 1-2 edits if asked for my artwork. It usually only takes 1 or 2 times to capture a buyers idea.


I have bought a logo design gig, seller pitched “unlimited revision” in the headlines, the time they have taken to deliver the finished work were way out of the agreed timeline. The “work” does not give us the theme of the “examples” provided, seller did not follow the colors we like, we ask for a revision, seller responded after many attempts to communicate.We have to come up with a draft and instructions on the colors, again there were delays in delivery, finished work didn’t turn out quite right to us, after 1 to 2 messages, seller indicated that were busy with “school”, promised to deliver in 42 hrs, but it have been a week or so… and didn’t response to messages for the past few days… We were quite surprised that sellers with many positive reviews could turn out to be “under deliverer”, where what we are looking for is to get the job done right in a few revisions! What would do if you are in our shoe?


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As others have said earlier, asking the seller prior to buying the gig would be the best way. And if you’re “guilty” of asking too many edits, you can ask the seller if you could tip him through his tip gig. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the great input. It sounds very similar to my thoughts. $5 can be great for those little items, but it is not reasonable to expect the world. My last edit I did ask the seller if she required a new gig and she said no. I imagine it will be a simple matter. It is nice to know I can just purchase 10x gigs or something. That will help for those longer projects.

I think I will take the policy of asking for the edit and offering to pay more if needed. I agree with some of the comments. If it is obviously my mistake then I should pay for it, if it is the sellers I will at least politely ask. If it is neither, then we will discuss the matter.

As long as fiverr is ok with this, then it will work.


Reply to @marktech: On many sites (ebay, amazon, etc) I have seen hi-rated sellers go bad very quickly. I use the assumption there was a death in the family or some other emergency, rather than attributing malicious intent.

As far as the logo and my own projects… for $5 I am purchasing 2-3 gigs from various artists. I figure at that price I can afford to have more than one of the same project done, and if one seller does not perform then I will have backups.

At the moment I think that policy will work, but the reason for my questions are to address the edits, AND future projects. I have learned I can just pay them $50 or more by multiple gigs. Sounds like a bit of a pain to have to approve all those gigs.

I wonder, does fiverr have a specialty contract area? I purchase one gig for $100? rather than 10 gigs for $5.


Reply to @vedmak: I fully agreed with your point, “unlimited revision” wasn’t our intention, it’s a waste of our time to make unlimited request… In fact here’s what: 1)adhering to the timeline for delivery, (quoted 4 days but ends up in weeks long…), 2)Following instructions - especially on color choice(no changes made on color after revision), 3)Not responding, 4)Buyer experience doesn’t match that of the reviews!


Reply to @miographics: Fully agreed, in fact, tipping the seller for a good job was on our mind before we have made the order, however, seller can’t even follow color choice in the initial sample work delivered and was terribly late! Sign…


Reply to @lt2010359: In fact, that is precisely my thought if the initial job delivery was of reasonable standard. Anyway, look at reviews, but must look at portfolio!


Reply to @lt2010359: We are actively communicating with a few sellers, to assist us with the work. As for sellers that under deliver, but pitched that they can provide “unlimited revision”, if such incidents happens frequently without regulation, it’s going to affects the reputation of other great “fiver” sellers. The buyers who comes to fiver are looking to get the job done for a fiver, this is what sells fiver site to all the prospective buyer to come and look at fiver gigs. Bringing the large amount of traffic that create many opportunities and income to great fiver sellers.


I provide photoshopping gigs on fiverr. As a seller, I am happy to do edits until the buyer is satisfied (That positive review matters!). But, the buyer too has to be reasonable. If he provides a bad quality image shot with a 2 mega pixel camera, there will be problems in editing it.


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Reply to @vedmak Agree with you.

24 to 48 hours late in delivery is still acceptable, a few days to a week is not professional! Moreover, there were no message to inform till buyer probe… And this is a “top rated” seller !! Long story short, the delivery doesn’t match the “rating and reviews”, in fact it’s way out…

As a buyer, we will not buy a $50 or $100 worth of gigs from a seller that we have no experience working with.

As a seller, we will not put descriptions in the headlines that we can’t deliver, $5 or $50, a deal is a deal.


Related to the edits/revisions of the gig you buy: if the seller doesnt say its offering free revision then you have to pay for that particular revision, by ordering another gig; but if you are nice to the seller and explain that youre not satisfied with his delivery you could ask for another revision and he might do it for you. I offered up to 3 revisions from the beginning, but only for a couple of month i stated that in the gig name and description. Its better to let buyers know, from the beginning, that you`re doing FREE revisions, this way you can have more orders. People are people and are looking for what is free all the time.