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How many times edit a gig in a day


I am a new seller on wordpress of fiver. I do not know how many times edit a gig in a dat


While creating a gig do keyword research on that topic. And after publishing the gig you can edit but it is not recommended to edit the gig after like 48 hours. If you edit the gig frequently then it would affect the SEO and you might not see your gig at the front page.

Hope that helps.


Hi, if I want to see different results in different SEO optimisation and title strategies, then how much time I need to wait for each change in title and SEO optimisation of gig?

Also, I mean how much time Fiverr takes to position gig in search results of newly edited Gig?

And, is permalink structure of gig changes if I change the title? Or only title changes and permalink is same as the first title?

Thanks for your reply☺.


I think that is true if he make changes on keywords tags, not other info like description, prices etc…


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