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How many times I can edit my GIG? If I edit maximum tine or 10 times in a month as a new seller my GIG or ID will be banded?

I create my first gig many times ago. last 20 days I fully give attentive on Fiverr then understand gig cost.
For ranking, I edit it many times but still now it’s not working. I can’t make that kind of gig before October 10 for English test
So is there any risk editing many times on a gig specially?

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Editing a gig removes it from the search while the changes are verified. Edit as little as possible, though as often as needed. If you want to test changes, you’ll need to give the gig time, maybe a full week or two, so you can track the trend line.


Actually I struggled for last two month and do not find any job for my bad gig creation,Now I understand your comments but which part I expert too much that kind of gig must do test which will open October but that long time I want go on that bad gig and last try to edit ,So editing so much how many percentage banned or problem #fiverr team?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no limit to editing a gig.

As for your gigs, please see: (IMG) points 2 and 4: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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thank you for your quick response and valuable comments. Nice to meet you.

Please see (PPD) point 1, and (DES) point 1.

i just come for deleting sorry for that. )