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How many times I should share my gig in social media per day?

Gig Marketing is a great way to get our first order or more orders in Fiverr and rank in Fiverr search result. But I wanted to know -

How many times I should share my gig in social media per day?

I know some sellers they never share any of their gigs in social media or send any buyer request or they even didn’t do any gig marketing but still, they get orders all the years. My question is How?

Can someone explain all of my questions?

Thank You.


What is the real gig marketing! I also want to know about this topic. :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face:


Me too…I tried with several methods such as sharing my gig links in twitter, Linkedin with hashtags and attractive image and writings but It really didn’t work for me at all.


Same problems :sob: :sob: :cry:


lets see or find out a perfect solution from senior fiverr sellers.

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Zero - nobody wants to see you share your gig over and over


Exactly 0 times. It’s annoying. The potential buyers you attract are mostly on Fiverr anyway. Better to put more effort into your gig description and the imagery you use. Especially the images are a very big part of the user experience when someone is looking for a gig to purchase since the cover image of your gig is the first thing a potential customer sees. Make sure to stand out. Nobody wants to see the same gig over and over again.


Fiverr gives your potential customers a confidence. Why?

  1. Seller accountability
  2. Support from Fiverr

When you promote your gig on social media, you should carefully craft your message. The gig description, format etc. are native to Fiverr platform.

You may tailor content while promoting your gig on social media. A marketplace like Fiverr is definitely influencing factor in purchasing service, also protects seller interests which one may not avail if rendered one-to-one.

Finally, when you promote

  1. Tailor content
  2. Optimize your content with keywords
  3. Use relevant pictures
  4. Offer help/demonstrate how your gig can solve their need (If you find the same gig post on Facebook would you share it with your friend who’s in need of the service)

Hope this helps. Thank you.


By offering something that someone wants to buy.


I would say none.

Sharing your Gig on social media will not grant any sales. Unless you are popular/famous, have a good reputation in any kind. And even if you would get at least one sale, that’s because you would be lucky.

But personally, I don’t do this myself and I see it as a waste of time. Sharing Gig on social media will not increase the sales.

Same answer as above. Nowadays, there are so much Sellers that apply for Buyer Requests. You could send hundreds of them and you would not get any orders. That’s because of how crowded it is, and also a waste of time.

Create a good Gig with a fresh category. This will increase the sales a lot. I see, that you are a website developer. This category is also crowded and way too much Sellers there.

Try offering something unique. That no one does. It’s hard, but it’s possible.


I agree with you here, I never advertised, the only time I got a order from actually people searching from me was on the forum and it was you :joy:.

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Shh… :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

I just liked your Gig and the work, so I ordered it immediately


But I see people are doing well in the Wordpress category and they are also new sellers. My gig is well optimized and also have attractive cover photo and video and I also offer a reasonable price according to the market place. Even I am always active online more than 12 hours a day.

So what I was missing?


Hmm… Okay, I have a suggestion, although I am new here, I would like to tell a way for promoting your gigs and earning with it, just use facebook ads or google ads and promote your fiverr gig using a affiliate link so if you drive someone new to your gig and he/she buys it, you get a commission of upto 50$ per new sale.
Isn’t it great?
So, please don’t say that facebook or google won’t approve the ads as I don’t think that will happen with it

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Using Google ads is against the rules for Fiverr. Fiverr uses Google ads and don’t want the prices going up so sellers cannot compete there


Oh, ok but I think facebook ads can do, right?
BTW : Thanks for the information


This is not a good idea…promoting gigs with fb ads

Why, can you please elaborate?

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@tech_treon Because…Fiverr is doing their marketing also. And when a person came to your gig he will also see some recommended gigs…And If you run an ads campaign you can’t be sure that you will get a sale.

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That’s the point, if fiverr detects that you are bringing outside traffic to them, they will promote your gigs more in their marketplace and if you are clear about your targeted audience ads never go in vain, and that too remember you aren’t promoting a service of 5, you are doing that with an affiliate link meaning that they can be much profitable (fiverr pays around 20 to 50$ per sale)