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How many times should I click on "View Delivery"?

My project is done, a logo creation, and I can review it by clicking on “view delivery”. Clicking on the pink “view delivery” button does nothing.

Wait! After hundreds of clicks it finally took me to the “view delivery” panel which contained…nothing. Did I not click enough times?

This happened on both projects I requested. Am I doing something wrong?


The website currently is buggy. Let’s wait and see.

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Hi @commagg,

Sorry for what you’re going through. The entire site is being very buggy right now. Give it a few minutes or an hours and try again.

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Thanks for the info. This is my first time using the site. Is this typical? Bad first impression, but maybe I should be more patient.

It’s just that your first experience went horrible because of this bug. Otherwise the site is awesome for buyers and sellers :slightly_smiling_face: You are very welcome.
I hope it gets fixed soon as I currently cannot contact my buyers, my messages are very laggy to go through. So, please be patient with your current seller, it’s not their fault.

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Hi comacc,

fiverr is under a maintaining. :slight_smile: welcome to the forum