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How many times you receive the Tip from the buyers ? :)


Hello community!

I hope you are enjoying your time.

So would you like to share with us that how many times you receive the tip from the buyers and what was the max amount you receive.

Quite fun to share your story :wink:

Meanwhile I receive the tip twice


Nice! I’ve only been tipped once through the new tip feature. I must say though, it’s a lot easier than having a separate gig for them


Got tip one time yet $5 :slight_smile:


I’ve been tipped five times so far: $5 for all the tips except for one happy buyer who tipped me $10. Yay, tips :slight_smile:


So happy to know that.

It means being awesome is quite usual for you :wink: :slight_smile: Keep it up (y)


I have received in proportion of 10-15% from the new feature has been announced;


I have received tip twice time and one of my buyer tipped me 15$. It was great experience working for him.


I got max of $25 once.


Got five time of $5 !

It was great


got 6 time $5


Just got my first tip of $10 today for a large re-writing job. :] The seller had told me that all the work he had received until now on Fiverr was plagiarized, so I guess he was overjoyed when I delivered.


I got $5 one time. This was my second order. Now I have delivered 3rd order