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How many tips do you get?

Hello everyone,
I just have been completed another order and I want to share my happy with all you guys.
By the way, I want to share some tips and hope you can receive the tips from the buyer.

  1. Friendly, try to ask their request clearly to make the quality service/product.
  2. Do your job seriously, and put your passion in your job with your gigs.
  3. This is maybe someone will not agree but whatever, it’s my tips, I made it and see it’s useful, hihi. Ok, Don’t try to receive all the order and do it quickly to deliver with no quality, not standard, not following the request from the customer and try to explain any reason for your not professional job.
  4. All the time online and try to send buyer request to hope that they will contact back to get a chance for your new order.
  5. If there are still any tips is good. I hope you guys can leave your good tips below my post to let every new seller and some seller wants to get more orders, tips, to read and improve.
    Thanks for reading and by the way.
    Just click to see the review from my buyer.

Wish all you guy have a great day!!!