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How many total Badges are available on Fiverr? I want to EARN all

Three days ago, I joined Fiverr. Yahh I am Newbie here. Well, recently I earned Basic Badge and after that Read Guidelines Badge but I have been unknown to all these. I have only heard about Levels on Fiverr.
Would you please take a moment to describe me all?
and also created my first few gigs, would you check it for me? I am worth it on not?
Humble Request


Hello @ibhavesh,

Welcome to the forum. :smile:

I am not sure if you know this, but I think I should clarify a few things first: the forum and the Fiverr platform are two separate things. The forum doesn’t really have much to do with Fiverr as your forum activity has no influence on the number of impressions, clicks, or orders that you might receive on Fiverr. Your forum activity also has no effect on your gig’s rank or performance.

I am nobody to tell you what to do and what not to do, but, if I were you, I would rather spend my time improving my gigs/profile than earning forum badges as the latter is not going to really net me anything tangible. :wink:

Well, there are way too many badges to explain them all in one forum post. You can learn more about all the available forum badges by clicking on the button on the top right-hand side of the forum that looks like three horizontal lines and then selecting the option “badges.”

Fiverr is also offering a new FREE course called “freelancing essentials” that I believe can help all the new sellers get better acquainted with all the basic features and fundamental knowledge of Fiverr that they would require to succeed on this platform. I would suggest that you take that course (if you haven’t already).

Good luck! :sunny:


Check this out: âť“đź›  Common Forum Questions âť“ (Extra Tools, Editing, Flagging, Badges and More)


Well, somebody told me these badges will also enhanced your gig’s performance. Fiverr will know you more so it will rank better comparatively.
Would you please take a moment to take a glance at my gigs?
It will be very helpful, if you can let me know some more good facts.
Thank You In Advance.


This is not true. As @hanshuber16 already mentioned fiverr forum and fiverr platform are separate website and has not connection to your gigs whatsoever.

Your gig ranking depends on your performance mostly


Well, unfortunately, this “somebody” is wrong and is clearly trying to mislead you/doesn’t know any better. If I were you, I wouldn’t listen to that somebody.

Your forum activity has zero impact on your gig’s rank or performance.

I will when I find time. :blush:


Here’s a link to the page Hanshuber16 was talking about:

I like clicking on the badges to see how many people have them. They add a bit of extra fun to the forum, even if they’re not really worth anything.

@Hanshuber16, Happy Cake Day! :smiley:



Guilty as charged, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I had a look at your gigs, and I have a few suggestions:

  • According to Fiverr’s ToS, gig duplicates are not allowed. Just promising to deliver your product with a much shorter delivery time, say 24 hours or 1 hour, is not going to cut it.
    Since " I Will Create A Custom Youtube Intro Or You Tube Intro Video Within 24 Hours" and " I Will Design The Stunning Youtube Thumbnail Or You Tube Banner In 1 Hour" are not unique enough, I would suggest that you delete them or modify them to offer something that is unique from your other existing gigs.

  • I suggest that you remove all mentions of you being a new seller. It is not something that is going to impress your clients and convince them to purchase from you.

“because as a new seller on Fiverr, I have to give better than others not just in Quality but also in rates”

This reasoning for offering better quality is not going to make your prospective buyers want to buy from you. You make it seem like you are “forced to” offer better quality because you are a new seller. It makes it sound like you are probably not going to deliver the same quality once you are no longer a new seller. I would suggest that you think of something better than using the “new seller” card to convince buyers to purchase your gigs.

I have mentioned the time as 24 Hours but If I am online then I can take 2-3 Hours for you. SPECIALTY OF MINE.

What some sellers fail to understand is that they cannot sacrifice on quality by trying to churn something out in an extremely short span of time in hopes that the buyer would be so enthralled by the quick turnaround time that they wouldn’t care much for the quality of the product delivered.

Buyers would like to see sellers spend a “reasonable amount of time” working on their project to finally design a product that is of impeccable quality. However, that doesn’t mean that you will take 30 days designing the best intro/outro there is on YouTube. The keyword here is “reasonable amount of time.” If you think 2-3 hours is a reasonable amount of time to deliver an excellent product for the quoted gig price, then go ahead. If not, I would suggest that you mention a more reasonable turnaround time as quoting an extremely short turnaround time can be a turn off, too.

You can take as little time as you like to come up with the product; however, you don’t necessarily have to quote the same turnaround time to your customer. :slight_smile:

  • I would suggest that you get your gigs proofread/edited by someone (a friend/relative) who has a good command of the English language so as to weed out linguistic errors.

Hope this helps.

Good luck! :sunny:


I am thanking you from bottom of my heart.
You are awesome. I Love You.
God Bless You Man.