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How many violation fiverr allow

i just got 2 violation don’t know how and why

i want to know what is the maximum limit of violations.


When you get a violation, there should also be an email explaining what you did.

So, what did you do? I think the limit is 3 violations before you get tossed off the site.



is there any ways to recover my account later? if it happens?

Normally it’s 3, but I think accounts can be restricted/closed if with less than 3 violations if a certain violation is really bad.


NO. If you break the rules enough times (3 it would seem) it means you have NOT learned your lesson and certainly it means you never bothered to read the TOS here when you signed up and agreed to the terms to use this site as a seller.

If they ban your account, you cannot get it back and you cannot just create a new one and start over.

Follow the rules and read the TOS!


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my buyer tried me to do some additional work so when he claims revision i was sending him the same work… it happening from couple of months…(1buyer) so when today i asked fiverr support to cancel the order… he also gave me a strike. why??

Were you delivering an empty order?

You should not do additional work for a buyer unless they are paying you.

You would need to post the message you got from Fiverr in your email here for any of us to really give you an idea of what you did.


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You are informed via email whenever you receive a warning. Your answer as to why is there.

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yes i said that… and thats why i canceled his work before… but he ordered again(3 months ago) and keep telling me to do the same work for. i keep asking him to cancel but he keeps rejecting my request …so i reached out fiverr support team… and they gave me strike… lol

Throughout this thread, you are asking the wrong questions.

Instead of asking what the maximum number of warnings are or asking how to recover your account if it is restricted/terminated, you should be asking where can you learn the rules of operating on Fiverr so that you never receive a warning again.


@enunciator But that would be too logical.



yes… thanks… i will keep it in mind…

You may already have got 2 warnings for being 2 violations. It is maximum limit right now. If you break rule further within 30 days, account will be suspended. You will be safe after 30 days.
But also only 1 major violation also can disable account. Suppose if someone receive any payment from buyer outside Fiverr.

If you write some words into fiverr message, you may get a warning.
Don’t write these words " Email, @, pay, payment, paypal, register, review, feedback, five star,"
When you will try to write, Fiverr will show you an alert.
Similarly if you see alert for another word else, don’t write.

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.