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How Many Words Have You Written In A Day?

I’m used to being the reader/editor, but I’m now getting used to my writing service being my primary gig since it has taken over my queue in recent weeks.

I wrote 13,000 words yesterday, 10,000 of which were finished before half past noon (I guess I am a morning person!). I wrote articles on everything from landscaping to investing in gold. I know that’s nothing compared to what some do, but my fingers were actually tired and I think my keyboard is starting to protest. Of all keys, caps lock is starting to give out! :smile:

How many words have you written in a day before?

  • 1 to 1,000
  • 1,001 to 5,000
  • 5,001 to 10,000
  • 10,101 to 15,000
  • 15,101 to 20,000
  • More than 20,000!

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13,000 words? That’s big. I’ve written up to 6000 in a day, writing, typing and all. It wasn’t easy though

This a nice one but I can assure you some Fiverr seller, can even say how many words they have written in a day.

I think the most I have written in a single day on client work and marketing would be about 7000-8000 words, I can easily write a lot more, but ADHD is a pain when you’re never sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time.

3500 words in December, 2016 for my homepage.

Hey, that’s a lot. I never do more than 6000-7000 words a day. [But sometimes am forced to do 8000]


Those are ridiculously high word counts. When I write my books, I can crank out maybe 6000 - 10K (20 to 40 pages) but that’s just 1st draft. I have to go back, re-read, edit, proof, then hire someone to beta, developmental, line edit & proof - which will take days or weeks when all is done.

There is no way I can do 10K of words ready for a client - then again, I am not an article writer. Writing fiction is so much different than writing non-fiction (blog, articles, etc.)


It’s much easier to write non-fiction than fiction, in my opinion.

There’s no crafting storylines or personas, it’s just doing research and writing informative content in an interesting way. I also find that I write much quicker if I’m doing multiple shorter articles rather than putting together one long piece since readily available info typically begins running out when articles get into 3000+ words.

Word’s spellchecker is also my best friend when I get into spurts of writing 100+ words a minute :blush: