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How many works are shown in live portfolio?

Hello! I’ve completed more than 10 orders on my fiverr gig, but recent works are not showing. I keep seeing users who have more than 10 work samples on their gig, is that because they’re a level 1 or 2 seller or am i doing something wrong?


That might be because your buyers do not allow the images to show in your live portfolio. It is weird but some of them prefer not to share.

Its buyer choice to show her/him work on sellers live portfolio

When your buyer leaves a review, they can turn off the live portfolio, don’t worry.

Oh yes, thank you, i knew some of them don’t want their work shown, but i thought there was a limit or something!

I haven’t read such thing anywhere, so I don’t think there is a limitation to the number of sample images shown in the gig as the image itself refer to the review of your buyer.

Great job.
Keep going…////