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How may GIGs are needed for a content writer

As a writer, I have already published 3 unique gigs in my profile dashboard. Still, I did not get any order from any buyer. that’s why I am confused about how many gigs I should publish to get my first order.

Why do you assume the amount of gigs affects how many orders you get? It doesn’t and that isn’t how sales work. You need to look at many other factors.


I’ve seen TSRs in the writing category who have only ever had one gig.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Your gig isn’t bad, but work still needs to be done on it.

  1. Consider adding a few work samples to your image gallery. Any type of article will do. You want to give buyers the opportunity to hear your individual writing voice.

  2. Go rigorously through your profile and gigs to make sure there are no writing errors. I’ve spotted one, and it didn’t take me long to find it.

  3. Make your packages more logical. For $5, you offer a 500-word article with research and two target words. For $10, you offer a 700-word article with research and two target words. Your higher package doesn’t really offer much more than your basic one, despite costing twice as much.

  4. Shorten your delivery time. I know it takes time to research, write, edit and proofread an SEO article, but it doesn’t take a whole week! This is an SEO article, remember, not a thesis.

  5. Change “contents” to “content”. This is one of @Humanissocial’s pet peeves!

  6. Try to improve your score on the English test. (Ok, this is technically a tip for your profile rather than your gig.) A score of 7.5 is fine for people in other categories, but not for writers.


Can you tell me the factors associated with getting orders, kindly?

Many many thanks for your valuable suggestions as well as time. OK, let me check my profile and gigs to make them more impressive. thanks

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There are hundreds of posts here on it and thousands of blogs posts to read. You have research to do.

It isn’t something I can sum up in a forum post anyway.


Hi! thanks for your valuable advise. According to your suggestion, I have made some modification in my gigs and surprisingly, I am looking the changes. Views and clicks are increasing! Thanks again!

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The writing category is very crowded. It can take time with the most perfect gig and experience to get sales. Patience is a must here.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestions.