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How may i know the total number of my repeated buyers from day one on fiverr?

I was just reading this Article on Fiverr Academy and As I experience from last 6 months that I have almost more than 25% repeated Buyers So anyone know How may i know the total number of my repeated buyers from day one on fiverr?

Why don’t you count them? Or am I being thick?

Counting is a little bit difficult solution :yum:
As a suggestion, Fiverr Can Provide the Number of Repeated Buyer under Analytics Section. That would be helpful for the sellers with a large number of sales on daily basis to track their business progress also the Customer Loyalty they are building .

If you think counting is difficult and there should be a Repeated Buyer option in profile/contacts then you better create a topic under Fiverr Suggestions :smiley:


That is also a better suggestion :+1:

Do you mean “Suggestion of Suggestion?” :grin::rofl::rofl:

Yeah, :slight_smile:

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If counting is too difficult (really?) you could always create a spreadsheet of buyers and add to it with every order.

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It seems the My Buyers list does not include an option of Export to CSV like in Revenues section. So I hope that option is added to that section too. Or even add FILTERS for each column of “Completed orders, Amount spent” to ease counting procedures :blush:

Additional Note: I tried selecting all contents in My Buyers list to copy/paste it to an Excel spreadsheet to filter it, but many merged cells appeared and made it hard to complete.

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Very Nice Effort :+1: [quote=“hussienfahmy, post:9, topic:123371”]
Export to CSV

This is also a better solution.
I have something more useful in mind. I’ll create the Topic Under Fiverr Suggestions in couple of days related to this.

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Thats good … I have an alternate method to count the repeated buyers ;

Go to Revenues section and click Export to CSV then the file fiverr_revenues_2017.csv will be sent to your e-mail, you can also export the revenues data of the previous years in 2016, 2015, etc … then gather all data under the main title row in one spreadsheet. So you have a complete list of all revenue transactions.

Add Filter in this table; Right click on the number under the main title row, then click Insert, then add Filter.

Click on the Buyer arrow filter and select Sort A to Z.

The screenshot of my spreadsheet shows all my Buyers “names here were modified”, you can make selection over the same buyer and add a different highlight color to each buyer, now you can count these highlighted colors which resulting to the number of the repeated buyers.

Also you can make selection over the same buyer’s Amount to know the sum of income earned from a specific buyer.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


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