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How much a average earnings of level 2 seller


Hi i wanted to ask how much a level 2 sellers earn on average monthly


I do not think you’ll get an answer, it’s best to find out yourself


Impossible to say. I know some level 2 sellers that only make a couple of sales per month, whereas others sell thousands of gigs.

It’s largely dependant on a seller’s skill level, networking ability, marketing expertise, and niche.


Only Fiverr staff can calculate the average.

Level 2 sellers may answer between : 0$ and XXXXX$


It doesn’t matter what your badge is! If you can give a good fiverr experience to your buyers and keep increasing rankings and ratings with unique services you can earn like a TOP rated seller from first day! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Impossible to say, each category is different


ok thank you :slight_smile:


yes thats true :slight_smile:


you’re right :slight_smile: