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How Much A Cancelled Order Affects My Profile?


I have 3 Cancelled Orders Till Date after 4-5 months of using it. I am a Level 1 Seller. Wanted to know WHether I can be banned from Fiverr If i have more Cancelled Orders. Recently I received a message From Fiverr that I will be demoted If I get another Cancellation.
Seriously ? Demoted for Just 4 Cancelled Orders?
Why are they so strict with Cancelled Orders ? And what are the minimum number of cancelled orders One can have and also be safe?


You will have complete 90% of your order to stay in present level, also it depends on last 60 days condition. Right now, Just try not to cancel any order. After some weeks when you reach 100% order completion rate :), try to maintain the ratio 1:10. Visit your seller_analytics_dashboard to know about it more. You will be safe if you canceled 1 order out of 10 orders.