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How much active hours a day is essential for increasing the impression/ranking up of gigs?

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well.

I have recently joined fiverr as well as fiverr forum. I usually surf forum for improving myself as a freelancer. So on that note I read as much as I could when I become free. Here is my question towards the experienced fiverr sellers,

"How much active hours a day is essential for increasing the impression/ranking up of gigs?"

I have read somewhere that they are suggesting 24/7 active which is kind of impossible as we all are human being and others suggested keywords, sharing social media and all which I know already from reading Topics from Fiverr Forum. So it would be great if you have any tips regarding this issue please feel free to leave a post below.


And ridiculous. It’s just something that’s being parroted around by those who believe that posting whatever on the forum will bring them sales (it won’t).

Almost all of my orders come when I’m offline (and it’s actual orders that matter, not impressions). I don’t visit the site unless I’ve got an order, or unless I need to do something (like withdraw funds, edit gigs or whatever).


@catwriter thank you bro for letting me know about the active hours. I was so worried about how to awake 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue: in order to gain impressions.


I remember that there was someone who was staying online as much as possible, and then had his mother wake him up if he had any messages so he’d respond to them quickly. I have no idea what happened to that person or his health…


That is a very sad story. He must have been suffered a lot. I pray and hope that he is doing great now a days.

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I have the Fiverr app on my phone and I use my computer. The first thing I do each morning is check my messages and notifications to see if I have any orders and then I respond if needed.

After that I get ready for my day. If I have orders I will work on them off and on throughout the day. If not I check the Fiverr Forum and my other Social Media sites.

If I do not have any orders I go on about my business leaving my computer on and my Fiverr tab open. However, after a time my internet disconnects and the page is kind of frozen until I hit the :arrows_counterclockwise: arrow.

But I do not worry about that because I carry my phone everywhere and when I am signed in through the app my phone will signal me if I have a message. Not only that I can check the message if needed on my phone app.

If it is a more involved message I go to my computer to reply. If I am away from home I have a QR set up that says I am away from my computer and will be back soon. However, soon may be hours. But at least my response time stays at 100%

Staying on line 24/7 is ridiculous! I have my phone app and computer on maybe 12 hours a day, but I am not tied to my computer 24/7 at all.


If you have your phone with you while you were out for your business then why do you need to turn on your PC ? isn’t being online on app do the trick instead of that ? as you can reply or get the messages and all.

I turn it on it the morning and leave it on unless I am going out and about, say to shop and such. Then I turn it off, But if I am at home I leave it on so I can reply more easily to anyone who contacts me and to check social media. I hate to type on my phone!

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@vickiespencer ok I got it and thanks for the tips.

Check out the above topic.


@lloydsolutions thank you for sharing few more valuable informations with us.


These are very common and very cheap suggestion. You may read below about bad suggestions and avoid those.


this comment is very much helpful for newbies!

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@hk_wordpress thank you brother for the information :innocent:

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In my case all of my orders are from the USA. I am on the other side of the world (Italy). I receive 70% of my orders while I am sleeping. So if someone wants your services, they’ll just buy it.


@stefanyoshovski thank you for tips and that’s a relief for me that I don’t have to awake 24*7 to get orders :sweat_smile:

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