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How much are the buyer fees

If I pay a seller 550 USD how much fiver fees would it be?


I think 5% but not sure.

It is 5% for orders above $25.

If it is upto $25 then $1 flat fee.


Actually, it is 20% no matter the order size. I have had $1 taken from a $5 order. $2 from a %10 order, and $4 from a $20 dollar order.

You’re thinking of SELLER fees, I believe.

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$1 for every five dollars works too.

I believe you are right! Ooops!

5%. A screaming deal for the buyer protection it gives you. Not only do you have the assurance of a refund if the seller under-delivers, but the seller is very dependent on you review, which gives you another guarantee that the work will be done well.

From Fiverr’s Terms of Service -

Service fees are added at the time of purchase where a buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover administrative fees. As of May 2018, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40. When purchasing from your shopping balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you will not be charged a service fee. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include service fees paid.


eBay and Paypal offer protection but don’t charge buyers anything. There’s really no justification for it. They’re already making their money on the seller’s end. This is just an extra money grab. Let’s not give credit where it’s not due.

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Butit can suck if the client has to pay 500 USD on top of the 10.000 USD he pays for my services :frowning:

Especially when they planned for the budget to be exactly 10.000, not expecting such a fee.