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How much are you willing to bend for a buyer?


Now that I’m a level 2 seller, I’m getting a lot of offers from buyers. I’m happy to fulfill a lot of them, but some of them ask for a lot for a very small price. I already offer a lot more than most voice over sellers with comparable quality (350 words in a base package) and I’m usually okay with giving a little extra for potential repeat buyers. However, some buyers are really aggressive about wanting more and seem offended when I try to negotiate for a more appropriate price. Ignoring the fact that I would charge seven times as much for a lot of these orders off of fiverr, it’s worrying to me that even some top rated buyers have such low budgets.

How much are you willing to bend for a buyer? What kind of freebies have you given someone to secure a sale?


Top rated buyer essentially means nothing (speaking as one), I did not do anything special to achieve this, nor do I know when/why/how I got it. Aggression is a commonly used tactic to “force” a lower price and personally I don’t deal with these kinds of people unless they tone it down pretty quickly.
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