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How much "Available Now" feature is useful?


When ever I’m online I always turn on this new feature and have never got any response. If it is benefiting you guys let me know!


The Available Now is only let the buyers ( people / users ) know if you are Available and will do fast response, but doesn’t guarantee that you will get an order or not. :thinking:


Is this Feature are for Every seller? i dn’t hv this Feature :frowning: where ?


No it’s not for every seller. If you have active orders less then 5 then you can use it.


That feature is like a car. You need to learn how to drive, pick passengers, drive then to their destination then you get paid. If you simply sit on the drivers sit and hope for a gta “funny magnet” cheat, it won’t work.


There is a switch on the search results page says “Available NOW Sellers first”. So there is a chance to appear earlier in the results for sellers.

I tried this and saw myself earlier, so it works.


I have it for me,

When I activate it, I get on top but not getting any response lately in Dec but Got a lot of buyers in Oct and Nov


Yes i got so many knock from buyer because using of available now feature. Don’t be hopeless bro wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100:


it totally depends on buyer search query.