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How much balance I have to withdraw?

My balance is now $4. Can I withdraw money now?

no you can withdraw once you reach 20 $.

I think if you are withdrawing it to your paypal, then you can.

But if you are withdrawing it to Payoneer, then you must have $20 at least.

I will withdraw by PayPal.

You can withdraw the $4 if you are using Paypal. But it’s a good idea to withdraw when your balance is over $50 to save up on fees.

Paypal will take $1 each time you withdraw.

Hello #theratypist - is there no fees charged over 50$ by paypal? if yes how much paypal charge?

Oh let me clarify this. There are fees. For PayPal withdrawals they charge 2% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1. Maximum they charge for one withdrawal will be $1 – so you’ll save more if you withdraw in higher amounts than constantly withdrawing small amounts. So if you withdrew 4 dollars today, what you’ll really get is $3.92. And if you withdrew 4 dollars everyday for 50 days ($200 in total) you’ll get $196 whereas if you withdrew $200 at once, you’ll get $199. So you’re able to save around 3 dollars! :slight_smile:

Thanks #theratypist - i got it…