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How much beneficial Skill Test for a New Seller?

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Can Someone Tell me.
Skill test is Important for a new Seller.
Actually I gave skill test and i get passed in it. So it is Beneficial for me to get order here.


I have passed skill test in WordPress with 9.0/10 score. but still i did not observe any improvement in impressions, clicks, views or getting order. Maybe some other person guide both of us better.

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i’m also new here So I don’t know about that.

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Will it give your buyers trust in your abilities? Quite possibly. However, it doesn’t, so far as I can tell, have any effect on your gig rankings.


taking a course is more beneficial than taking a test for new sellers… keep learning keep rising

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I think skills test are important, for demonstrating profound knowledge in your niche. However not so much as a learning tool.

Taking a course will be great. In terms of gig rankings, I personally experienced a boost in gig ranking, and impressions. Even got inquiries a few hours after taking them.

So yes, skills tests are good for trust. Remember our business is done entirely online with a clientele base that has no means of knowing who is on the other end except what you write on the profile.

Passing skills tests can do wonders on your orders.

can you help me to pass fiverr test

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no one can really help you. Is a test, you cant except someone to help you, that’s call cheating. Maybe enhance your knowledge first