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How much can I charge?


HI. I am new here, and I would appreciate advise as to how much I can ask for.
I offer to translate from my native language, Danish, to English and visa versa.
As a Danish Citizen I pay app. 50% taxes, and living costs are high.
Is it too much to ask 50$ for 3 pages?
I would be greatful if somebody would take time to guide me.

Annette Sund Jespersen


You can charge as much as you want but I am not a translator so I will point you here✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=danish+translation&search-autocomplete-available=false&search-autocomplete-type=suggest&search-autocomplete-position=1&page=1&filter=auto Just go through the different prices and get a price range.


I am not in your category either, but I can give you some general info about being new on Fiverr. Technically you can charge whatever you like, as @phantompower said. Buyers on Fiverr are typically looking for either a great discount with a newer seller OR an established seller with prices that are nearly industry standard.

The easiest way to get started is to just offer a very small service for $5 and scale up from there. You might have to offer something that is a very good deal to gain some reputation. So, you sell a translation of a smaller word count for $5 and still include enough words to beat out the competition. New buyers will hopefully be attracted to the price.

Once you have a good number of reviews then you can slowly adjust your word/page count until you are making what you need or want. You may have to trial run a little to see what the demand is and what prices the market will tolerate. If you have some other skills, I would suggest adding at least a couple of other gigs as well to build reviews. Perhaps writing content in your native language or some other service based on a skill or hobby you already have. Good luck!


Thank you. That was helpful. :slight_smile:


As a buyer, I am willing to pay higher price for just about anything - for quality.

There is no way for me to assess your quality when you have no reviews or very little reviews; also Outstanding Experience doesn’t tell me anything.

As a translator, if your entire gig page, profile are the following:

  1. Flawless (no spelling, punctuation errors)
  2. Enticing (Gig description is an attention grabber)
  3. You tell me your experiences are so great, that I am lucky to be getting such a great deal. :wink:

I use a German translator that meets all three above. I picked her for all those reasons.

Nothing wrong with starting low and going higher. Good luck.