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How much $ can I get from this work?

Sure, that’s why I said I wasn’t claiming him to be legit. What I was saying is that people saying “but you didn’t design it yourself!” is absolute BS when talking about vectorisation services, that’s irrelevant.

That’s like saying you can’t do background removal on a photo because you didn’t take the photo yourself. Or you can’t mix and master a song because you didn’t play the instruments or composed the melody. Etc.

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Yes, that was a dropped ball there I agree.
Image is copyright protected so he can not use it commercially, and if he purchase the license he gets PSD which is one click away from AI.

I do not get sales on that GIG so maybe I am wrong on what should be in portfolio images.

“brother” in many places means friend or something similar. No need to be so hostile.

Yes, exactly, and he is not your friend either. This is business. Friendship comes later.

Yeah, that’s a different story. If he just bought an already vector image, it’s obviously misleading. If he didn’t buy it and vectorized it himself, heh. Sure, technically that may be “copyright infringement”, but who cares. He’s not using the image for the image, but to show his skill at vectoring, which is what matters. The spirit of the law is much more important than the letter of the law. What matters for the client (and thus for Fiverr itself) is that the seller does not mislead clients with his skill or lack thereof. Until you get your first clients, you need to have something to show. Go vectorise the Mona Lisa for all I care. As long as it is your vectoring work, that’s what matters (for me as a client, copyright lawyers may have different views, but then again that’s how they earn their living lol).

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After all, what I can say is that I don’t understand why someone would use a screenshot of .png file as before and another one with white BG as after. This is basically a gig which is shouting
“I will vectorize your screenshots of copyright logos from graphic designers whom you don’t want to pay”

Not necessarily. There are tons of instances where you have a low res logo that you own and need an upscale version. There are even instances where people need to remove a watermark from a file they own (I have a company, watermark my files with the logo, then lose the originals Then I change the logo and want to update the files. What do?). Are there exploits? Of course. But you can’t ban vectoring services based on that lol

I understand your point. I won’t say what I would have done personally because nobody helped me with my gigs and researches when I opened my account. But in my opinion there are better ways to show your skills for this niche.

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But he wasn’t being hostile. Looseink’s posts are regularly in a straightforward, matter-of-fact manner, but I shouldn’t claim to know any better.


This is a professional, international environment. You shouldn’t call anyone “brother”, “dear”, “sir”, etc. in this context. It doesn’t matter what is acceptable or not in your culture. You must adapt to the marketplace’s culture. When in Rome, do as Romans do.


It depends upon you. you can sell at any cost, if there is a demand for your work. :slightly_smiling_face: :blush: :blush:

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Hello @digimaster2021 .
Word of advice if you gonna use forum more often.
Reading of topics post before posting is not only nice but expected.
You can not just read the title and type your answer without reviewing what others have written.

You are completely of track here…

Stay safe and use original artwork in your portfolio.

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I think the Brother situation clearly highlighted the cleavage in culture differences, that we are all being part of as active users of Fiverr.

Yes, I too have been called “Bro” many times, facepalm.

The thing is that as @looseink genuinely mentioned : he is not his brother. Which means from where he comes from, it’s weird/inappropriate to be called in such way. @homebrew_dude if it is hard for you to understand such international standards, you might run into troubles dealing with clients by not accepting this reality. And there was no hostility into his answer.

So yes, as an advice, avoiding Bros / Sis / My dear / Mam / etc. in a professional environment is highly preferable. For everyone’s sake. This is not a Jake Paul’s YouTube video we’re all into. God dammit

If you don’t know who Jake Paul is make yourself a favor and DO NOT watch any of his videos, your life is beautiful right now.


Yes, I know it. But I just want to start my fiverr career by this types of easy work. Now I trying to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA script.
In near future I will start web development & web designing work

Thanks for your comment

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thank you for your advice…

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